“Mukomana wekukara zviro” LANDS IN TROUBLE, GOES AFTER 3 WOMEN IN 1 DAY


“Mukomana wekukara zviro” LANDS IN TROUBLE, GOES AFTER 3 WOMEN IN 1 DAY | A MAN from Bulawayo was arraigned before the courts yesterday for allegedly st_ripping and fo_ndling three women who were fetching firewood in Norwood suburb.

“Mukomana wekukara zviro” LANDS IN TROUBLE, GOES AFTER 3 WOMEN IN 1 DAY

Khokhelani Dube (29) allegedly cornered the three women, one aged 22 and two others aged 25 in a bushy area and fo_ndled their pr_ivates.He appeared before West Commonage Ms Tancy Dube facing three counts of indecent assault and pleaded not guilty.

Magistrate Dube remanded Dube to September 4.

Prosecuting Mr Chief Mseva alleges that July 17 at around 5PM this year, Dube met the first complainant who resides in Cowdray Park while she was walking with her two friends.

“The three women were coming from a Norwood farm. He then stopped the women and ordered them to drop the firewood they were carrying. The women complied and one of them tried running away but he caught up with her.

“Dube searched the women and when they stated that they did not have anything on them he slapped them,” said Mr Mseva.

“He then removed the woman’s track bottom and fondled her breasts and privates. After se_xually attacking the first woman, Dube went on to the next woman who is also from Cowdray Park.

“He used the same modus operandi and fondled her. Dube went on to the third woman whom he assaulted after stripping her of a skirt and tights. He fondled her privates and disappeared into thin air.”

Mr Mseva said the women left the place and proceeded to make a police report at Cowdray Park Police Station.

Investigations were made and Dube was tracked down and arrested.



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