Chimurenga guru, Thomas Mapfumo is to be honoured by the Harare City Council with the freedom of the city award. The freedom of the city award is the highest honour given by the city to people who have promoted the country or city brand.

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Ward 13 Councillor Peter Moyo said : “We should honour our legendary musician Dr Mapfumo with the freedom of the city award. During the liberation struggle he defied all odds by singing against the Ian Smith regime. He inspired those who fought for the country.

“He continued singing until we got free and after independence he continued singing about the ills of the society. He sided with residents and Zimbabweans in general hence he deserves such an honour.”

Environment Management Committee chairperson Clr Herbert Gomba, who seconded the motion, said Mukanya deserved such an honour for his contribution.

“Yes council has mandated my committee to honour Mukanya with the freedom of the city award an honour given to people who has promoted our country or city brand, Mukanya has done a lot to promote our culture and sang against many social ills,” he said.