Thomas Mapfumo says he is off to his rural home in Guruve this weekend where a traditional ritual is set to be performed.


“He (sekuru Chiwanza) has already sent someone to remind me of the rituals that need to be done in Guruve and I assured him that I will be home tomorrow (yesterday) so that we can do what is supposed to be done.

“I have been gone for too long and so much has happened during my absence including the death of my mother and my other close relatives. I have not lost touch with my culture and I believe in my ancestors for guidance so yes am going home,” he said.

Mapfumo urges Zimbabweans not to lose their identity to Westernisation arguing that he believes our cultural way of worshipping was through ancestors hence communicated to God through them.

“I know God is there and I know I can communicate to him through our ancestors. We should not be brainwashed by the Western way of worshiping and lose our identity in the process,” he said.

“Now because of Westernisation we have even lost touch with our cultural medicines which have in turn been processed to make most of the medicines that we now use. Back in the day one could identify that this tree cures such an ailment but now we don’t know all that.

We have completely lost our identity and we just don’t know who we are any more.”


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