Mujuru Ready To Jump Onto Chamisa’s Bandwagon

Former VP Joice Mujuru’s party yesterday hinted that they could jump onto the MDC-T bandwagon to have a better standing against Zanu Pf.

Mujuru Ready To Jump Onto Chamisa’s Bandwagon

NPP party spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando said: “As NPP, we still feel that all democratic parties should not divide the vote and that there must be a grand coalition as that is the only chance that we have to beat Zanu PF. The issue of who is going to lead the coalition should be immaterial and people should just sit down and discuss who the popular candidate is. We just need to win this election,” he said.

“Zimbabweans have been struggling for a long time and it is high time we should bury this monster called Zanu PF which has been created by the military junta,” he said.

Chitando said NPP had charmed chiefs and headmen in the rural areas as the party gears for the 2018 elections.

Chitando claimed that in areas like Masvingo, over 300 chiefs and headmen were backing NPP.

“As a party, we are now meeting traditional leaders, comprising of chiefs and village heads to lobby for their support as we prepare for the 2018 elections,” he said.

“In Masvingo only, more than 300 chiefs and headmen from different areas have met with our party leadership where we lobbied for their support and we got a very positive response.”

Chitando also claimed that the party also has support from war vets and women who were backing a fellow woman Mai Mujuru as their presidential candidate.

“We have successfully lobbied a lot of women to support Mujuru because they feel she is the best candidate to articulate issues that affect them such as reproductive health, provision of safe and clean water, and even several other issues that affect rural women,” he said.


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