Home LOCAL NEWS Mujuru Dumps Her Party Rally Rushes For ZANU PF Business

Mujuru Dumps Her Party Rally Rushes For ZANU PF Business

Mujuru Dumps Her Party Rally Rushes For ZANU PF Business

Mujuru Dumps Her Party Rally Rushes For ZANU PF Business

People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) leader, Dr Joice Mujuru dumped her own party’s rally and rushed to attend to ZANU PF top officials who were injured after a bomb was detonated at the ruling party rally in Bulawayo.

Mujuru Dumps Her Party Rally Rushes For ZANU PF Business

Mujuru was earmarked to give a key note address at the PRC rally in Victoria Falls but failed to make it as she was reported to have rushed to Bulawayo following the bomb blast.

Her party Deputy President Samuel Sipepa Nkomo was left to face the angry and disappointed party supporters at the extremely lowly attended rally.

In what critics described as a demonstration of the dwindling supporters’ base and clear of lack of confidence in the Mujuru led opposition party, the supposed star rally in the resort town was an eventual monumental flop.

Dr Mujuru arrived in the resort town on Saturday but could not show up at Chinotimba Stadium, much to the disappointment of the few supporters who turned up.

Addressing supporters, Sipepa Nkomo, whose speech was constantly interjected by the ‘where is Mujuru?’ chants from the crowd, failed to justify his boss’s absence and told the angry supporters that the party leader had to attend to an emergency which occurred following the blast at a Zanu PF rally at White City Stadium Bulawayo on Saturday.

“There was an emergency she had to deal with. Remember there was a disaster in Bulawayo and she had to go and see some people who were affected. I want to promise you that she will come and see you in future,” he said.

PRC National Organiser, Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire, who also struggled to explain his boss’s no show, encouraged the party supporters to go and to exercise their constitutional right and vote during the forthcoming elections even if it means voting for MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa.

“If things change, police officers can salute Dr Mujuru or Chamisa, what is wrong with that? If it means we need to unite to deal with Zanu PF, let it be so all we don’t want is a Zanu PF led government.

The PRC officials, who told their party supporters of their resolve to push for devolution of power, also said the party has what it takes to dislodge Zanu PF and the MDC Alliance during the forthcoming harmonised elections.

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