Mujuru drops bombshell

NPP leader Dr Joice Mujuru hinted that she is working with the G40 cabal under assistance of former president Mr Robert Mugabe.


She dropped the bombshell while addressing a scantily attended rally in Bindura last Friday, where only 60 people turned up.

Dr Mujuru revealed that in her meeting with Mr Mugabe early this year, the 94-year-old former Head of State and Government told her that he had recommended “his boys” in the G40 to work with the NPP.

“There is an issue that is confusing people that I met with Mugabe and that I have returned to Zanu-PF,” she said.

“I did not rejoin Zanu-PF. Be happy that Mugabe realised his mistakes. He is a human being and wanted to gauge the extent of anger against him.

“It is true we met. We held hands and prayed. I told him that I have my own party in Mashonaland Central and I am working with G40 members here.

“He told me that he advised his boys in G40 to work with me. The rude Zanu-PF is gone. He failed to close the barrel of the military tank with his hand.”

Dr Mujuru also indicated that her party was considering working with other political parties in the forthcoming elections.


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