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Mujuru biography exposes a lot of political dirt

Joice Mujuru and Hubby

‘Tongogara was suspicious of Mugabe’s prison acquired degrees’

The recently published biography of Solomon Mujuru really opened a can of worms as it really showed who he was and the effects of his alleged semi illiteracy.

According to the former minister in Mugabe cabinet Rugare Gumbo, Mujuru was one of the prime supporters of Mugabe to take over from Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole in 1977.

According to Gumbo, he played a major role in persuading the other members of Zanu, to elect Mugabe to take over from Reverend Sithole.

There was fierce resistance from the general Josiah Magamma Tongogara who did not like Mugabe taking over as he did not know him and was suspicious of him and further he was clutching a file of prison acquired degrees which Tongogara perceived as bogus according to Gumbo.

Further Gumbo opens up about Mugabe’s manhood which was a treasonous issue when he was around and many have confirmed it including Christopher Mutsvangwa that Mugabe had a botched circumcision which gave massive problems which led to speculations upon speculations.

So this book by Tendi about Mujuru biography opens up with a lot of once-hidden information which once took people to prison-like Potgieter a manager in Harare who was arrested and charged with ridiculing the then president.

So Gumbo opens up as saying he was very close to Mugabe that time because they had met in the then Salisbury prison around 1975.

He, Gumbo was already a holder of three degrees from the United States of America and Canada taking all this into context you can see why Tongogara did not live to see an independent Zimbabwe and was succeeded by Mujuru who in later years died also under very mysterious circumstances allegedly from the man he had supported voraciously to become Zanu president.

This biography leads to all kinds of speculations upon which the Zanu machinations operated as possibly true facts coming out know. But some say these issues about Mujuru biography are taken from people who had already a fall out with Mugabe and Mujuru.

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