Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is refusing to vacate the official residence that he occupied before his removal from power last year, according to media reports monitored here on Thursday.

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Presidential spokesperson George Charamba told the Daily News that the former Zimbabwean strongman has not removed his personal property and valuables from Zimbabwe House, more than four month after he resigned.

“The last time I checked, President Mnangagwa was still to access Zimbabwe House and the former president was still clearing his things from there,” Charamba said.

The failure by Mugabe to move out of Zimbabwe House means that Mnangagwa is still staying at his private residence in Harare.

According to the paper, security officials fear that Mnangagwa’s private residence is not very safe and not befitting for the leader of the country.

Mugabe was forced out of power in November 2017 following pressure from the ruling ZANU PF and the military. He had been in power since April 1980.


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