Legal experts tear into Mugabe latest interview

Articles started to appear a few months ago that young Nelson Chamisa was beginning to act like Robert Mugabe. He was accused of being dictatorial within his party. He had no time for dissent or opposition. He was a national embarrassment during his international appearances. And he had a violent Vanguard willing to do his dirty work for him. Sounds all too familiar right?

Legal experts tear into Mugabe latest interview

However, the Mugamisa monster which has been widely discussed by Twimbos daily, is only half the story.

The other half of the story is a vicious alliance which has taken hold which has the potential to let Grace and RGM walk right back into State House.

The backroom deals and political opportunism are not new. The level of cynicism and short sightedness however is. After all the suffering, all the pain. Decades of national disintigration. How Nelson Chamisa could be willing to give the Mugabes a say in their alliance, I simply do not understand. It is almost treasonous.

Let’s remember what the Mugabes did to this country. They raped our natural resources. They stole on every major deal (look at the Mugabe children and their wealth!). They turned Zimbabwe into an isolated Pariah state.

They drove away any real investments. They bankrupted our economy and left us with the highest unemployment in the continent; quite an achievement in Africa. They put is in prison for tweeting. They beat and massacred us for supporting the wrong party. They clamped down on every freedom possible. They left us a broken nation.

So just as this nation is being put back together again. Just as we are on the mend and growing. Just as the world is taking us seriously again. Now at this important time, Nelson wants to let them back in again. It is often said that trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So why let the Mugabes in again!?!

And let’s be clear, it is not as is if the NPF is a quiet front or shell organisation. It is the official party of the Mugabes. It is supported and funded by the Mugabes. The whole family have come out and claimed ownership of it. And this same NPF joins the MDC rallies and voices regular support for Chamisa.

Chamisa, for his part, has not exactly disowned the NPF. The old saying in politics is, “I cannot help who endorses me”. True. But you can help who you “welcome into the alliance”. You can help who you let stand next to you at the launching of your manifesto. You can help who you let march proudly down the street with you rally after rally. And when you choose to “Welcome Grace into the alliance”, when you choose to let Jealousy Mawarire stand by your side knowing full well who he represents; you have chosen to take us backwards.

Well we the people also have a chance to choose. As we reach the day of judgement, the day where the people of Zimbabwe get to choose for ourselves; we will choose progress. We will choose to rebuild the nation broken by the Mugabes. And we will choose the man who rid us of Mugabe, not the guy trying to bring him back in!

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