Mugabe Humiliates Negotiating Team

Ex president Robert Mugabe has snubbed the mediation team led by Roman Catholic cleric, Father Fidelis Mukonori, which is diligently trying to get him to make peace with his successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


The two politicians, who became estranged after ED was dismissed from Zanu-PF and government last November when he made a dramatic comeback two weeks later to dispose Mugabe, had been scheduled to meet in order to iron out their differences.

That meeting is now unlikely after Mugabe humiliated the mediation team on Monday when they visited his palatial mansion in the leafy Borrowdale area in Harare.

Mugabe infuriated the delegation who are acting on behalf of Mnangagwa when he refused to come down to meet them from his bedroom, upstairs, saying he was “too exhausted”.

Apparently, the exhaustion was caused by his visit to Singapore where he had gone for his routine medical check-up.

The negotiating team comprises Mukonori and Jimayi Muduvuri – a senior Zanu-PF official who doubles up as patron of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Mukonori could only say “there is nothing for now, if there is anything we will let you know”.

Muduvuri, however, implied that the ex president was surrounded by the “wrong people” who were influencing his decisions.

“Hopefully, he will invite us and we sit down to find a way forward,” said Muduvuri.

ED’s spokesperson, George Charamba, who was not immediately available for comment yesterday, has previously said that his ex boss was surrounded by the wrong people.

” . . . he is being abused by the likes of … Moyo and his wife,” he said.

“There is no way Operation Restore Legacy would have visited his bedroom. He is a revered icon – let him rest, now they are putting his pictures on their party,” added Charamba, referring to the National Patriotic Front (NPF)’s campaign posters.


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