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‘Mudiwa lives a life of lies’ – ex-wife blast the rapper


The drama keeps coming for these Zimbabwe celebrities. Especially the rappers in Zimbabwe seem to involve themselves in a lot of marriage drama.

A few weeks ago it was Stunner’s marriage that was all over on social media as it was reported to have [email protected] his sister-in-law. These rumors were later clarified as lies.

Now his nemesis MudiwaHood is grabbing headlines with his ex-wife whom they have a son together. MudiwaHood and his wife separated some months ago and we did not know the reason for their break-up but now we do because MudiwaHood’s baby mama came out guns blazing and revealed everything from why they separated to revealing that he the rapper lives a life of lies.

Mudiwa’s ex was in a serious mood and she spilled a lot of details. From what she says, Mudiwa and her broke-up because the rapper was cheating on her.

She revealed that she can’t let his son involved in a life of lies that MudiwaHood lives. Check the pictures below as she revealed everything. The rapper is yet to respond to these accusations.

Here is what she wrote accompanied by the pictures below:

“I will not allow my son being involved in this fake life and lies” she posted on her other IG page •This father who cheated on his wife now has a child he uses as another gimmick