The Ndaita Mari singer who has been in and out of relationships for a while said he believes he is now going to settle down with his newly found love.


Though he is not willing to disclose the identity of the woman, Mudiwa said he is now happily in love with his new girlfriend. “I spent this Christmas holiday at home with family and unfortunately I was the odd one out, all my family members had their partners except me.

“I am excited that I have now found a woman with qualities that I have always wished for, and if everything goes according to plan this year I might settle down.

“As a role model to my fans and to most Christian youths, I need to set an example, and one of the ways to do it is by simply settling down and marrying.

“I am not yet ready to reveal her identity now because she is a reserved person and I don’t want her to be on the spotlight,” he said.

Mudiwa added that though he had many options on whom to settle with, he has been taking his time in choosing the right one.

“With the status I have in society, it was easy for me to have been in a relationship.

“I didn’t rush to commit myself with someone, I took time to be with the one I love and now I can safely say that being patient pays because God has rewarded my patience,” he said.


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