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Hip Hop Superstar ‘Mudiwa’ blesses homeless kids

Hip Hop Superstar 'Mudiwa' blesses homeless kids

By Mudiwa

While on my way home i made new friends…. What happened today makes me so happy to be alive.

I have done so many things i choose not to post, this past week i paid fees for so many varsity students…This is challenge, let love lead i posted because we need this spirit to lead us in Zimbabwe

I was driving past cnr 1st and Kwame while in Kwame road when few kids( homeless) ran to my car “mukoma mukoma tinenzara😥, they looked at my car and assumed i cud help… they were not wrong… to their surprise i gave them the shock of their lives.

I reversed my car and parked it, then i took 4 of them for shopping. These are minors who are barely 10…bought them shoes, tops, tracksuits, jacket and decided to take them for a cool meal at Chicken Inn which was near… they said they had never been in that outlet ever😢

Now I want to start a challenge called #DoGoodForNoReason #mudiwahoodchallenge⁠⁠

Ladies and Gentlemen… i need you to go help a stranger in whatever city you are in, take a picture and post it, use the hashtags!! let the devil and his mother in law cry… we will not look backwards…let us grow a culture of love and help others and change other peoples lives….






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