MUDIWA DISHES OUT ON STUNNER, OLINDA | Gospel hip hop star Mudiwa Hood is one of the most controversial artistes in the country.


The boastful Ndaita Mari singer, who has won several awards, recently had a chat with Daily News on Sunday’s Dakarai Mashava on his eventful life and music career.

Below are excerpts of the interview:

Question: Who is Mudiwa Hood?

Answer: A maverick hip-hop artist whose sole purpose is to spread the word of God.

Q: When did you venture into music?

A: 2012

Q: Were you always into Zim Hip-Hop or Gospel Hip-Hop in particular?

A: In 2007 I was into secular hip-hop for the fun of it. I only began my Gospel Hip-Hop journey professionally in 2012.

Q: Who was your role model growing up?

A: P Diddy

Would it be true to say Ndaita Mari is your biggest hit to date?

A: I want to believe it is true, although songs like Anhu Acho Tisu, Chaputika Zvinestaira and Magnet still pose a threat. Jesu Munodaira Phone and Kasister Kaheavy are also making waves.

Q: Why has your relationship with Stunner been topsy-turvy?

A: Me and Stunner are two generals in our own right, co-existing in one industry or army will always cause problems here and there. But personally we are more blood and friends than what most people think. We are genuine friends who understand showbiz but will not trade our personal relationships for fame…we so cool that we are always in touch.

Q: Why is there some kind of resemblance between your music and that of Stunner?

A: I always did my music that way. We do sound alike in terms of content because hip-hop is mainly selling a lifestyle

Q: Were you in any way influenced by Stunner musically or is it down to the fact that both of you were once produced by Craig Bone?

A: No not a chance, but obviously I danced to one or two of his hits especially Team Hombe. Not really! Besides that Vegodo song, where our style is almost similar, we are very different… I did not copy him and neither do I think he copied me.

Q: Were you tempted when Olinda Chapel (Stunner’s ex-wife) wrote on her Facebook: What would happen if I dated Mudiwa and bought him a new car?

A: I am an academic… educated and I am a holder of a few degrees and therefore I am not the kind that gets tempted or moved by a Facebook status…

Q: Were you influenced to turn down Olinda’s offer by your sister Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa who warned Olinda to stay away from you?

A: Not at all. Olinda’s offer was a non-event to me.

Q: Whenever people argue over who the best dressed Zimbabwean musician is, your name and that of Stunner invariably pops up. Do you think you are a better dresser than Stunner?

A: I know I am…God made me the best at what I do and that is everything.

Q: Do you earn a living from singing?

A: Emphatically Yes!

Q: Who do you regard as the best Zim Hip-Hop star?

A: I am by far the best ever hip-hop artist in Zimbabwe. I am a full-package artist; my vocals, raps, style, game, look and brand are one honed. Not surprisingly, I recently received the most marketable brand-artist at the Zim Business and Leadership Awards.

Q: You are regarded as one of the most educated artistes in Zimbabwe?

A: I feel so humbled by this.

Q: Where did you acquire these degrees?

A: I have a BSc (hon) Economics, BSc (hon) Psychology and MBA in Finance from Africa University.

Q: Early this year it was reported that you had broken up with you girlfriend called Kernisha, can you confirm this?

A: Yeah I am single and not in a relationship at the time of this interview.

Q: So you are on the market?

A: Currently I am in a relationship with my goals…there are people that need Jesus out there and money to be made.

Q: When will you settle down?

A: In God’s time all this will eventually come to pass.

Q: You were once very close to Spirit Embassy founder Uebert Angel? Is that still the case?

A: Uebert Angel is still my Spiritual father, mentor and role model. We have actually become very close.


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