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Muchinguri Dismisses Breast Story

Muchinguri Dismisses Breast Story

Muchinguri Dismisses Breast Story

The Minister of Water and Climate Affairs Oppah Muchinguri has rubbished media reports suggesting that she is undergoing re-construction medical operation on her breast following injuries sustained at a bombing incident on Saturday last week.

Muchinguri Dismisses Breast Story

Highly reliable sources close to the Minister said the Minister was shocked to read the news that she ruptured a breast in the bombing incident at White City stadium last week.

Media reports on Friday indicated that Muchinguri, who was airlifted to South Africa after the bombing incident, was recovering from an operation to restore one of her breasts which was completely ruptured when a bomb went off in the VVIP area at the end of a ZANU PF rally in Bulawayo last week.

“Minister Muchinguri is shocked by the report,” said the source.

“She sustained chest injuries but definitely didn’t rupture a breast as reported by the media, we don’t know where they are getting that sensational Information,” She said.

Some social media reports also claimed that Vice President Kembo Mohadi who is also in South Africa was amputated on the leg following the bombing. We could not substantiate the claims as sources close to the Vice President declined to comment on the matter.

A bomb was thrown at the top ZANU PF officials as they were walking out of White City Stadium in Bulawayo last week in what is suspected to have been an assassination attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The President escaped unharmed but 49 other people including Muchinguri and Mohadi were injured. Two have since died.



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