DYNAMOS president, Kenny Mubaiwa says he will not quit his office despite protests by angry supporters at Rufaro on Monday following a 1-0 defeat to bitter rivals, Highlanders.


It was the third defeat in four games for Dynamos and they slumped to 17th in the 18-team Premiership with the club’s stakeholders seemingly agreed the problem is in the leadership.

However, in an interview with H-Metro Mubaiwa refused to step down saying those who are calling for his ouster are wannabe supporters.

“They can’t wake up and shout for my downfall. We have structures that receive all complaints and all those who are part of this behavior are not part of the club,” said Mubaiwa.

“Vanongotaura, true Dynamos fans and supporters raise complaints through chapters and this I tell them I will not go easily,” he added.

Dynamos coach Lloyd Mutasa bemoans the absence of Cameroonian striker Christian Ntouba Epoupa for his misfiring side.

And asked about the executive’s position on the big striker who is yet to settle contractual disagreements and work permit, Mubaiwa said it’s work in progress.

He added they are not worried by the 11-point gap between pacesetters Ngezi Platinum and Dynamos.

“We are working hard to have everything under control, Epoupa is part of our plans and everything concerning the player is to be straightened.

“Last season he was on fire and we expect the same this season, last season takaaona mateam akatungamira pasina siyai vanomhanya vaende dzichati dzoponja, we are Dynamos.

“The players are blending and this I know they are more than ready to play. Look at what happened last season, Black Rhinos led the way but come second half they were nothing. So it is not a matter of judging us early into the season, mark my words even Highlanders will lose.

“We have a strong commitment in building the team, we always instill confidence in our young players because we have to look at the bright side this is an investment,” said Mubaiwa.

Mubaiwa is optimistic of the development project.

“Where did Peter Ndlovu come from and at what age did he make a debut in professional football? So let’s give them time.

“Those youngsters are good, we win and lose then we sit down and prepare for the next game, only wannabe supporters do not realize that football is a game of two sides and only true fans know what I am talking about.”

There are also claims that DeMbare players have been living on donations from supporters and well-wishers.

“When it comes to the issue of salaries I don’t even touch that money, it comes directly from the sponsors NetOne into their accounts, Dynamos does not pay salaries our sponsors are responsible, and they make sure they give the boys their money.

“As players they should play football and avoid all this fuss about me going down, these players are also to blame because they only have one job and that is to play football and when they don’t give in their best supporters tend to get mad.”

The Glamour Boys failed to strike a balance between senior and junior players in their 2018 preparations.

“We have confidence in our team and the technical department and we totally respect their decisions, we get players basing on the requirement of the technical team.

“As players they should play football because as far as progress is concerned we have a good team, only focus is needed because lack of focus creates confusion,” said Mubaiwa.



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