Most parliamentarians failed to meet the criteria to access the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), as only two out of the 129 applications made were approved.

This was said by Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda on Thursday. “To date, only 129 constituencies have submitted the initial documentation and their bank accounts,” he said.

“Out of that figure, only two have fully complied with the CDF constitution and the accounting officers’ manual, and have submitted their project list, as well as the estimated cost for their identified projects.

“The management committee has set in motion the process of disbursing their money, which is expected in their bank accounts any time soon. Five submissions did not comply with the provisions of the Constituency Development Fund constitution and 74 have not made any submission at all.”

Parliament has reserved $50 000 for each legislator for development initiatives in their constituencies, but access is only guaranteed after complying with provisions of the CDF constitution.

According to the CDF constitution, each parliamentarian should establish a Constituency Development Committee that will identify projects for funding in consultation with stakeholders.

The committees should then submit their banking details, together with a list of identified projects, a minimum of three quotations showing the estimated cost of each project and signed minutes of the CDF Committee showing approval of the projects.

The total estimated cost for all identified projects must not exceed $50 000.

“Constituencies are, therefore, urged to comply with the above instructions in order to enable the Parliamentary Staff Management Committee to release money into the Constituency Development Committee bank accounts,” Adv Mudenda said.

He called on legislators to ensure that they comply with set provisions for their constituencies to benefit from the funds.



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