Aspiring Member of Parliament Mashonganyika who wants to be elected on a Zanu pf ticket has promised free WiFi in Highfield East. This is desperate, this in a bigger picture reflects the whole Zanu pf party .They have run out of lies now an aspiring MP of all things promises WiFi!


I really appreciate the provision of these services to people in this age.lf Zanu pf had not messed up this would be something people should be enjoying like in most African countries. The Zanu pf aspiring candidate thinks he is doing a great favour! There is a lot to be done in urban constituencies, service delivery is at its lowest and this is because of Zanu pf meddling in everything then you have this out of sorts Zanu pf clown talking of WiFi. His boss, the junta leader also talks of goals to be attained by 2030, from a party that has been in power since 1980!

People are looking for things that can develop our nation, What will the jobless do? They will spend time on p0rn sites because honestly using internet is good in a vibrant economy not retarded one like ours. Zanu of candidates were used to thugs doing their job through intimidation, now the youth have become aware of how they are used by Zanu pf. All they get for dirty work is beer and sadza, after elections they are quickly forgotten.

More than 2 million jobs were promised, from last election youths are still waiting and this is the party that comes with more promises.Zanu pf is a party of lies. To believe them is like saying the sun will sink in the East ,they talk of mega deals but nothing comes out of it.Voting Zanu pf is extending period of poverty while they enjoy the loot.

They have no clue how to turn around the economy. Open for business is a slogan and it ends there. If they don’t believe their lies why should we? The old in the rural set up are tired of a party that brought suffering on its people, a party associated with thugs running from the law were it gives them sanctuary and you would expect them to change, no they won’t .

Should we be held at ransom because they went at war? MDC beware of people you say lntelligence sources,your opponent is not going without a fight.

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