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Moyo Tears Into Mnangagwa Over Raped Women Comments

Election Rigging ‘Skeletons’ Haunting Mnangagwa - Jonathan Moyo
Sworn enemies Jonathan Moyo and Emmerson Mnangagwa

Moyo Tears Into Mnangagwa Over Raped Women Comments

The former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Jonathan Moyo has torn into President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s statements suggesting that reports of women being raped by soldiers during the January protests were stage-managed.

Election Rigging ‘Skeletons’ Haunting Mnangagwa - Jonathan Moyo

Writing on social media on Monday, Moyo said:

Mnangagwa has always blamed victims of his brutality as the authors of their misery.

Here he is reading from his #gukurahundi script, claiming that the victims of State atrocities, PRE-PLANNED the atrocities unleashed upon them by the Army, Police, CIO and Zanu-PF gangs in January!

In an interview with a French channel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he is attending the 32nd African Union Summit, Mnangagwa said:

With regards to the allegations of rape, we have both through print media, radio and TV appealed to those victims to come forward, report to the nearest police station.

If you are not comfortable to report to the nearest police station you go to the nearest church and report the abuse you underwent. We have only one single case that has come up in Chitungwiza.

The rest, we now know that the women who were paraded was just make up by some organisations and some of the women have now left the country, have been shipped to the United Kingdom.

The few who are still in the country are being moved from house to house and we are trying to track them down. Its all stage managed. We are challenging anybody, local or foreign to produce the women so the world can see them and say this is what happened.



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