Moyo Says Mnangagwa Commission Out Of Order And Unconstitutional


Moyo Says Mnangagwa Commission Out Of Order And Unconstitutional

Exiled former ZANU PF heavyweight Jonathan Moyo has ripped apart President Emmerson’s seven man commission to investigate the post election violence that took place in Harare on the 1st of August.

According to Moyo, Mnangagwa set up the commission first in order to eliminate his now biggest rival Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

“It’s very clear that one of Mnangagwa’s major reasons for rushing to appoint this Commission, without a Cabinet in place, is to fix Chiwenga, with the help of Catriona Laing,to weaken his hand in cabinet selection & to later oust him. Chiwenga is certainly on the ropes,” said Moyo.

“So the first fundamental wrong is that by acting like a King, Mnangagwa has violated s110(3) of the Constitution. He can’t appoint a Commission of this nature without the advice of Cabinet & without a responsible minister to oversee the Commission & facilitate its work!

It is fundamentally wrong for Mnangagwa to appoint such a Commission before appointing a Cabinet whose advice was necessary in terms of the Constitution. Mnangagwa, who stole the election, thinks he can do decrees like a King; just like that.”

Some of the extracts from the tweet read as follows:

“The first term of reference says “to inquire into the circumstances leading to the 1st of August, 2018 post-election violence”. How about the Harare Massacre & the subsequent 10 day siege of townships where residents were brutally tortured & some abducted by the Army? Smh!

The third thing that is fundamentally wrong with the Commission is that its terms of reference, whose authorship is unknown, are accusatory when they should be open ended for fact-finding purposes. This renders the terms of reference to be self-discrediting & thus political!

The second fundamentally wrong thing are the Commission’s terms of reference. Whose are they? Who drafted them? Mnangagwa?

When Theresa May praised Mnangagwa on the Commission in SA yesterday, did she know something that Zimbabweans did not know?

So Mnangagwa’s Commission is unconstitutional. It’s composition is a scratch-my-back I scratch-your-back affair. And its terms of reference are political & corrupt. In effect, the Commission is not designed to achieve justice; which is the cry of the victims & the people!

The fourth fundamentally wrong thing with the Commission is that its terms of reference do not address the loss of life in the Harare Massacre. Term of reference (f) refers to “extent of damage/injury”. This is outrageous. It’s criminal. Jesus Christ. Mnangagwa is mad!

It’s notable that while Mnangagwa’s chief election agent, Ziyambi Ziyambi, barred Adv Dali Mpofu and his colleagues from representing Nelson Chamisa in the ConCourt on xenophobic grounds that they are aliens, Mnangagwa has appointed a Commission whose majority are foreigners.


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