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Movie Lord Of Kush trailer that had film makers arrested

Lord of Kush

Movie Lord Of Kush trailer that had filmmakers arrested.

The police alleged that the filmmakers had screened their movie without the permission of the country’s Board of Censors.

Lord of KushOver the weekend filmmakers Tendai Maduwa, Daves Guzha, Peter Chura and Kuda Bryn Bwititi were arrested after screening their movie ‘Lord of Kush’.

Writing on social Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana defended the move saying,

Freedom of expression is guaranteed in Zimbabwe. But like in any other country there are caveats. For example, in Britain, they have the British Board of Film Classification(BBFC) whose role is to “restrict content that could otherwise cause harm to adults and society as a whole.

Below is the trailer of the movie which stars, Nothando Nobengula, Tinopona Katsande, Nancy Handabile, Lazarus Boora, Kevin Hannsen, Eunice Tava and Stellah January.



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