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More drama outside court

More drama outside court

There was drama outside the courtroom on Wednesday after comedienne Felistas Murata and her accomplices threatened to ‘deal’ with her estranged friend.

As the parties awaited the commencement of proceedings, Mai Titi had to be restrained by her mother and other unidentified parties who had accompanied her to court.

Mai Titi threatened to deal with her former friend Kristle Smasher who is appearing as an accused in a matter in which she is alleged to have told Mai Titi’s personal assistant to suffocate her in her sleep so that he could get all her money.

After their court appearance, the confrontation began once again and it was now being done outside the court room and Mai Titi was no longer on the forefront.

In the front was an unidentified woman who was in Mai Titi’s company when she arrived and the woman was threatening to beat up smasher over US$1500 that she had given her for her daughter’s party.

“I gave you my money for the party but it never materialised, all I want is my money before I deal with you right in front of the cops, you are a thief and you are going to pay me back my money,” she was heard shouting in the magistrates’ car park.

Smasher seemed not to care and was just standing listening to their accusations before being taken away by her lawyer.


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