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Montclair, Casino boss duped


Montclair, Casino boss duped

A Teacher at Nhedziwa High School in Chimanimani appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court on allegations of duping Montclair and Casino director Mr Tapera William Nyemba of $638 365.94 after she allegedly lied to him that she wanted money to pay for respiratory facilities at Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre where she was admitted after being infected by Covid-19.

Tania Chikomo (34) denied the charges when she appeared before magistrate Mrs Sharon Rakafa charged with fraud.

The State led by Mrs Heather Mhlanga-Muokoto had it that Mr Nyemba and Chikomo knew each other since 2007 when they were in South Africa.

It is said that between February and July last year Chikono allegedly lied to Mr Nyemba that she was admitted at Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre, Harare suffering from Covid-19.

Chikono allegedly told Mr Nyemba that she was desperately in need of $638 365.94 to buy medication and respiratory facilities.

She also allegedly told Mr Nyemba that she had failed to sell her valuables since she was in quarantine.

Chikono allegedly told Mr Nyemba that she had some minerals which were stashed in her BMW, which she also intended to trade.

The State alleges that Chikono promised to pay him back the money once released from hospital.

It is said that Mr Nyemba transferred $638 365.94 into her NMB Bank.

Sometime in July last year, Mr Nyemba made some enquiries at Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre in a bid to find out if Chikono was recovering and was told that she was never admitted at Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre and had never contracted Covid-19 virus.

Irked by Chikono’s actions, Mr Nyemba lodged a complaint with the police leading to her arrest.

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