Three Harare models are claiming that they were deserted by a modelling agent in the town of Zvishavane after finishing a brand activation at a beer and braai festival that was held at Warehouse in Mandava.


The girls said they left their homes on Thursday upon being sold dreams of getting US$20 a day for three days by one Bryan Kandemiri.

After the activation, it is said Bryan and his girlfriend, left the girls at student houses were they were staying, using the backdoor.

“He got all of our transport fares, lunch money and payment which was amounting to almost US$700, we haven’t eaten all day and we have no idea how we are going to get home,” of the models said in a voice note.

Speaking to H-Metro Christine Mangaba who was part of the trio said they only got to leave after their families sent money on Monday.


Mangaba said they were told the activation was for a cigarette brand’s new flavour and Bryan said they would sign contracts as soon as they got to Zvishavane.

“I got his number from another model.

“I then asked for a flier and destination and he told me we were going to be in Zvishavane.

“Before we even went I asked him about the contracts and he told me the Zark guys had already left with the contracts as they were already setting up and restocking,” she said.

The model admitted that not having a solid contract before travelling was a dumb move on their part.

The accused however said he too was a victim in all of this and was not the one in direct contact with the models.

Bryan shifted the blame to one Cassidy who is said to have disappeared with everyone’s money.

“There was a beer and braai festival that was hosted by a guy called Cassidy he came looking for an MC and waitresses.

“I offered him a bus and yes there were girls as models, strippers, DJs and some came from Bulawayo, to my surprise in Zvishavane we were told a different story.

“We didn’t go there with models.

“There is a lady called Nicky she is the one who was working with models, Nicky came with only one model, the rest were dancers.

“I think those girls 3 are just attention seekers because I told them kuti we don’t allow strip tease wherever we go and whatever I do, Cassidy claims to be the President of Zim Strippers ndopakachinja zvinhu zvese pakuunza ma stripper,” he said.

However the girls insisted Cassidy was left together with them and they did not agree with the organiser’s idea of them modelling in bikinis.

“They tried to force us into modelling in bikinis and we said no, all of my previous activations ndakamaita ndakapfeka ma jeans ne branded tees.

“Cassidy ndiye watakasara naye kana ariiye akatiza sei akasara hanty munhu anotiza anoenda?”Mangamba said.

Christine said she tried to get in touch Bryan afterwards but believes he blocked her though he said otherwise.

“I don’t block anyone, I am open for business why would I block them?” he said.



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