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Models pledge to help domestic violence victim

Models pledge to help domestic violence victim

TWO commercial models have expressed their dismay towards men who physically abuse their wives.

Tariro Harinangoni along with Ottilia Navarro have raised their concerns following a video circulating on social media of a man bashing his wife.

The video has been received with mixed feelings with calls for the man’s arrest.

In an interview, Tariro said they are worried with the rates of domestic violence and they intend to raise awareness.

“We have seen the video that has been trending on social media and as queens letting this pass means we have failed to prove ourselves. We are therefore looking for this woman; we want to help her.

“My inside turned pandakaona munhu achitsikwaaa musoro ndikafeeler kuti l need to help somehow.

“As an entrepreneur l am offering her a small sum of money and business mentorship so she starts her own small business as a way of empowering her, so anyone who knows where she is, let us know,” she said.

In another interview, Ottilia concurred with Tariro calling for the man’s arrest.

“People who have gone through or are going through abuse are mentally unwell as they are traumatised.

“As a profession psychologist l pledge to offer her free mental health care till she is over this.

“And we have decided to hold each other’s hands and help a fellow woman.

“Such victims who are going through abuse usually suffer stress and post traumatic depression and they need help,” she said.

Tariro is a Telecommunications Engineering student as well as an entrepreneur while Ottilia is professional psychologist.