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Model Thickleeyonce criticises the ruling ANC


 Model Thickleeyonce criticises the ruling ANC

Plus-size model Lesego “Thickleeyonce” Legobane has criticised the ruling party for failing South Africans as the Covid-19 pandemic exposes the inequalities across SA, 26 years into democracy.

Thickleeyonce took to Twitter to express her heartbreak at the circumstances some people in SA still live under. This after she saw a video on her TL shared by Yusuf Abramjee showing a school with conditions not suitable for kids to learn in as schools in SA reopened on June 8.

Thickleeyonce slammed the corruption in government as she blamed their greed for the conditions some people in Mzansi are subjected to.“I cannot believe in 2020 black children still have to struggle like this meanwhile people in power are corrupt and living in luxury,” she said.

Thickleeyonce joined many who shared their disappointment.

She concluded that the ruling party, the ANC, could have done a better job to ensure that all South Africans are empowered with resources.

“ANC really failed the black child,” she said.


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