Home LOCAL NEWS Mocked on lobola day, Couple gets free wedding!

Mocked on lobola day, Couple gets free wedding!

Mocked on lobola day, Couple gets free wedding!

When Allan Zisani went to pay lobola to Primrose Ottilia Mugwagwa’s family, the pictures from the day generated so much negative comments on various social media platforms.

Some of the critics were so ruthless in their comments against Primrose and friends’ outfits and even the way they posed for pictures that popular comedian, scriptwriter, actress and TV Host Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho chipped in.

Madam Boss made an appeal on Facebook seeking information about the couple and facilitated yesterday’s wedding in the capital. She contacted the couple and they narrated their financial challenges and that a wedding was out of the question.

“I was touched by the negative comments that accompanied some photographs of this cou-ple which circulated on social media,” said Madam Boss.

“I downloaded the photographs and posted them on my Facebook page hoping to locate them, but at the same time I did not believe they were Zimbabweans.

Mocked on lobola day, Couple gets free wedding!

“Within an hour of my post, one of my followers sent the con-tact number of Allan and I real-ised that they were our fellow countryman.

“Primrose and Allan vakan-ditsanangurira kuomerwa pa kubata nidza zvinhu zuva rekuroora uye kuti vakanga vasina tariro yekuchata sezvo vakanga vasina mad.

“I was touched by their story and decided to use my influence in looking for support and was shocked by the response, love and interest shown by Madam Boss followers. “Wedding service providers came on board pledging to provide their services for free and this included wedding rings.

“Mai Jere, Shingirayi, shocked me by pledging to cover catering services considering the amount of money needed in buying food. “Ndakatya nazvo ndikatenda rudo rwakadaro ndikaona kuti uyu ndiMwari chete ada kus-imudza vana vake kubva mugu-ruva,” said Madmaboss.

The Mugwagwa and Zisani families thanked Madam Boss and Mai Jere for spearheading the wedding, which was graced by several celebrities.

“We would like to thank Madam Boss and her friends for making this day happen and I want to believe she is one of the happiest persons because her seed has given fruits,” said Wellington Mugwagwa, father to Primrose.

Primrose and Allan were grateful to Madam Boss and Mai Jere. Dr Munyaradzi Madambi of Celebration Church solemnized the wedding.


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