Home LOCAL NEWS MOB KILLS WRONG MAN‘…They mistook him for thief’

MOB KILLS WRONG MAN‘…They mistook him for thief’

MOB KILLS WRONG MAN‘…They mistook him for thief’

MOB KILLS WRONG MAN‘…They mistook him for thief’

A CHITUNGWIZA man was beaten to death while coming from his girlfriend’s place after being mistaken for a thief.

Paul Masarakufa, 23, died around 6am in St Mary’s suburb of Chitungwiza after being beaten and had salty water poured on him while being handcuffed.

Masarakufa was going to Zengeza 3 after having a misunderstanding with his girlfriend Sheila Manyika, 28.

Police have since picked up one Pastor Werren Mupereki and his sister Mai Kuda who handed themselves to the police on realising that Masarakufa had died; two others are still at large.

An eye witness said Mupereki and his sister thought that Masarakufa was one of the thieves who had stolen a cellphone at their house earlier on in the night.

“He (Masarakufa) was beaten while handcuffed and tied to a tree.

MOB KILLS WRONG MAN‘…They mistook him for thief’
Paul Musarakufa

“Salty water was poured on him while being beaten as he denied stealing until his last breath,” the eyewitness said.

He said the mob also contributed in beating him.

“Only Mupereki and his sister and the other two kept on attacking him till he died; the others stopped beating him when they realised that they were in the process of killing a person.”

Masarakufa’s girlfriend Manyika said:

“He came from a party and he was drunk.

“He started causing a lot of noise until my uncle asked what the noise was about. He then said he came to apologize to me for being adulterous.

“I told him to bring his girlfriend and tell her in my face that he was now back to me,” said Manyika.

She said they had been dating for the past five years.

“This year was going to be the fifth year together.

“He worked at the mine as mukorokoza and I know when he had money he would give me too.

“I asked him why he treated me that way only to come back apologising.

“But all I know is he is not a thief and never stole even a single dollar from me,” she said.

She said she did not know how Masarakufa left her place as she had left for her friend’s place as Masarakufa continued to cause chaos.

Young brother to the deceased Kudakwashe said his brother had left for his girlfriend’s place after partying in Zengeza.

“I was with him yesterday at a party in Zengeza.

“He was drunk and I separated with him when he was going to his girlfriend’s place.

“I’m so saddened and disheartened to hear about his passing on and how they treated him because my brother was not a thief.
“Never in a day, even as we grew up, that he stole anything from anyone,” he said.

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