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Moana’s father exposes family secrets!

Moana’s death surrounded with drama again and this time it’s from within the family.

This time it’s the families that are clashing. Moana’s mother and her father are having clashes over who should bury her. At the moment of her death, Moana was staying at her mother’s house as her parents had divorced long back.

She herself was not in good books with her father during the time of her death due to the nature of her line of career. She had not seen her dad in more than 2 years according to the father.

But below is the latest drama they are experiencing.


Father to the late Michelle Amuli says he looked after Moana with the current wife but she never thanked her when she became independent. Ishmael Amuli reveals how he took care of Moana, how her mother remarried twice & why he feels disrespected.




Source | ZiMetro News