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Moana’s father blocks burial – PARENTS CLASH AGAIN!

Burial plans for the late Moana derailed as her father stopped issuance of burial order. He argues that, as the father, he ought to be involved in the whole process including DNA tests done without his knowledge.

ZiMetro earlier in the past week reported that the father made similar headlines when he claimed his ex-wife’s family said he was not the late Moana’s dad.

Parents to the late Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Amuli failed to agree on the way forward forcing the father, Ishmael Amuli, and his relatives to walk away from the funeral.

When ZiMetro asked Amuli about the goings on at the funeral and how the plans were proceeding, he refused to be elaborate. “Haaaa isu tadzingwa hatina zvatichakwanisa kutaura isu. Zvatombonzi mwana wacho haasi wangu,” he said and walked away before locking himself in a car, which whisked him away.

Other Amuli relatives were heard saying: “Let’s go. They will know kuti baba vakakosha soon.” Asked about the departure of the Amulis, Moana’s mother refused to “Handiti mangozvionawo zvaitika, handidi kutaura nezvazvo,” she said.

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Source | ZiMetro News