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“Moana was raped by her brother!” – More dirty secrets exposed

Moana Cried For Help Too Many Times But No-One Listened!

Battle for Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli’s remains rages on and more secrets are coming out with allegations suggesting Ishmael Amuli’s firstborn son raped Moana his own sister.

This was revealed by Moana’s mom Yolanda Kuvaonga in a heartbreaking video seen by ZiMetro News.

These serious allegations come at a time the two are embroiled in a bitter struggle which has since spilt into High Court over the burial of the late Moana.

Yoland Kuvaonga explains how she was abused by Amuli when she was still a teenager. At 15 she was lured by then older Amuli into sleeping with her and subsequently impregnating her.

“He used to work in a bakery and would tell me to come and collect doughnuts at his house, that is when he s_xually abused me and I got pregnant”, she says.

“His firstborn son Ali, r_ped Mitchelle and she was left pregnant, I asked him about it and he said there is nothing he could do since they are both his children”, Moana’s mom says.

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Ishmael Amuli insists that Moana should be buried the Moslem way which means women are not allowed at the funeral whereas her mom feels Moana was popular hence her friends should also come and accord her a huge send-off.

Moana’s mother wants Moana to be buried at Zororo Cemetery in the presence of her friends and family.


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