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Mnangagwa’s daughter-in-law generates interest

Mnangagwa’s daughter-in-law generates interest

The general standard for being a member of the first family is that you have to be glammed up at all times. Most people have a perception that being born into a rich family comes with strict guidelines of dressing up in expensive and latest styles.

It seems president Mnangagwa’s son Collins and his wife are changing the norm after being spotted looking rather humble. Collins’ wife has been trending on social media after being spotted rocking a simple mabhanzi hairstyle and some flat pumps.

Social media has been flooded with comments about her look with most women being called on to emulate such natural and authentic styles. Instead of putting on an expensive wig, she opted for a more natural and subtle look that even some ladies complimented.

Furthermore, she ditched heels for some soft pumps much to the surprise of most people. It seems Collins’ wife has a high level of humility and has proved that she is proud of her own natural hair.

Celebrities such as Zuva Habane advises women not to take pride in unnecessary things such as weaves and being flashy. She said if something in the first family could easily rock her own hair, then ordinary women ought to embrace their own hair as well. It is quite sad, that some women do not take pride in their dark, kinky hair. They feel naked without putting wigs on.

Collins’ wife has indeed paved the way. There are some other notable celebrities who have also fallen into the natural hair craze such as Lorraine Guyo who usually experiments with natural hairstyles.


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