Mnangagwa Threatens To Unleash Hell On Doctors & Lawyers Who Help Protesters


Mnangagwa Threatens To Unleash Hell On Doctors & Lawyers Who Help Protesters

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made it very clear that he is not very happy with the organisations for doctors and lawyers for human rights who provided aid to injured or arrested citizens during and after the fuel protests of last month.


In fact, the President has threatened to deal with the lawyers and doctors, accusing them of being part of a plot of regime change agenda. Mnangagwa also warned the general population not to participate in future demonstrations saying that he would deploy the military again if they did so.

Speaking at a “Thank You Rally” in Mwenezi over the weekend, Mnangagwa is quoted by The Standard as saying,

We saw them burning police cars and killing cops, where else have you seen that? But we said no, we do not need violence. We deployed soldiers to stop the protesters and they quelled the disturbances.

…In Harare and Bulawayo violent protesters were preventing people from going to work and even burning buses. We don’t want violence, so I said soldiers go and silence these people, they were silenced. In places like Bulawayo, they were moving around telling people to go and engage in violence.

They told them that if anyone gets arrested, they should go to a certain place, there are lawyers waiting to defend them If anyone gets hurt, they should go to a certain place, there are doctors waiting to treat them.

We are now going after those doctors who were involved in those activities. Those lawyers that were inciting violence, we are now going after them. So those who choose violence, we are prepared.

At least 17 people are reported to have died while close to a hundred people were treated for gunshot wounds after the military was deployed in a brutal crackdown on civilians.



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