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Mnangagwa Sends Chilling Warning To Political Foes

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President Mnangagwa- who was quoted in the private media as insinuating that, ‘we are failing, but give us (until) 2030 (for the country’s economic problems to be completely solved).

Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa has vowed to deal ruthlessly with perceived government opponents.

Speaking at the Official Opening of the Third session of the Ninth parliament in Harare on Thursday, Mr Mnangagwa accused detractors of working round the clock to disrupt government efforts to revive the economy.

“I would like to commend our security forces for working hard to defend our sovereignty and integrity.

We know that there are individuals who are working round the clock to disrupt and destabilize government programmes.We will deal with them accordingly, ” said Mr Mnangagwa.

Mr Mnangagwa also spoke of what he described as tremendous achievements of the new dispensation.

“We are the in the process of creating jobs for our people.We are happy with the reopening of our companies,” said Mr Mnangagwa.

However, political analysts dismissed Mr Mnangagwa’s speech as a cacophony of high sounding words and mere rhetoric.