PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa faces the threat of a military coup unless the military is disinfected of its political partisanship, the opposition Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) has said.TOMANA'S SUCCESSOR GOBA FIRED, MNANGAGWA DEALT WITH ANOTHER BLOW

In a Christmas and New Year’s message ZUNDE leader Farai Mbira said Mnangagwa and his side-kick former Commander Defence Forces and now Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga had used Zimbabweans “to prop themselves up”.

“We, however, will celebrate it cautiously because we are yet to be assured of peace, freedom and meaningful democratic change. We are not sure yet that next year elections will be free and fair.

It’s sad that Zanu PF declared that it will not reform itself out of power and that they will not relinquish power because of mere X (vote). In both cases we hear them loud and clear. It’s no rocket science to conclude that only he who can play rugby politics will dismantle the still intact Zanu PF dictatorship,’ Mbira said.

 Mbira said unless service chiefs “give a public pledge and assurance never to interfere in politics, the generality of politicians from both sides will perpetually live in fear”.


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