Mnangagwa leadership gets thumbs up

Mnangagwa leadership gets thumbs up

DEPUTY Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Zimbabwe Mr Zhao Baogang has praised President Mnangagwa’s leadership, saying it is creating a platform for economic recovery through a raft of reforms.

Mnangagwa leadership gets thumbs up

President Mnangagwa’s willpower has transformed the country through implementing various reforms, opening up the economy for business and international re-engagement.

In an interview on the sidelines of a Christmas party at Wing Wah Restaurant in Harare over the weekend, Mr Zhao said the success of Chinese firms in Zimbabwe was as a result of the President’s leadership.

He said continued reforms will help attract more foreign investors to revive the economy.

“We attributed the success of Chinese companies to the leadership of His Excellency, Emmerson Mnangagwa because his Government is trying to promote a raft of reforms and now the situation is getting better,” Mr Zhao said.

“We are happy that the Chinese people can live here safely and more investors are coming to do the feasibility studies. I believe more reforms will help attract more Chinese and other foreign investors.

“We also attribute this to the hard work of the Zimbabwean people and Chinese people working together. We have Zimbabweans working with our Chinese people to make sure that we promote the development of Zimbabwe.”

Mr Zhao said they attribute the growth of Chinese investments in Zimbabwe to the bilateral relationships between the two countries.

“All these years, China is developing very fast and it has brought opportunities due to the bilateral relations between the two countries.

“For example, Zimbabwe could import more manufactured products from China and could also produce tobacco and export it to China. The trade is developing and the pragmatic cooperation is also developing.

“Looking into the future, I expect that great achievements will be made through the bilateral relations between China and Zimbabwe. Chinese companies will deliver well in helping Zimbabwe revive its economy,” he said.

Mr Zhao said the unity between Zimbabwe and China was witnessed through the Christmas party as Chinese and Zimbabweans were merrymaking together.

“This is also a reflection of the bilateral relations between China and Zimbabwe.

“The relationships are being strengthened with each passing day.

“You can also see the unity between China and Zimbabwe working together and celebrating Christmas together.

“We could also feel the prosperity that when the companies are prospering, Zimbabwe will be prospering,” he said.



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