Aspiring independent candidate for Kwekwe Central constituency, Advocate Jossinia Maupa, has described President Mnangagwa as an astute leader, adding that he is his presidential candidate ahead of the July 30 plebiscite.


In an interview, Adv Maupa said President Mnangagwa was capable of achieving better things than what he has achieved so far since getting into office in November.

“My presidential candidate is definitely the incumbent President Mnangagwa,” he said.

“So, my supporters know this, they vote for me for MP and vote for ED for presidency.

“There are no two ways about that. He is the right candidate who is capable of doing better than what he did in a space of six months that he has been in power.”

Adv Maupa said he envisaged to meet 12 candidates he will be contesting against, to discuss issues affecting the constituency.

“It is my wish that we meet with my fellow contestants and we discuss the challenges that we might be facing. We share notes and so on as we enjoy the peaceful environment that the new political dispensation brought about,” he said.

Adv Maupa said he was never fired from Zanu-PF as he was never a member of the party, but a sympathiser. “It is not correct that I was or I am a member of the ruling party who was dismissed from the party,” he said.

“The correct position is I am aligned to myself and President Mnangagwa. I have also subscribed to his theories and the way he executes his duties.

“So, to say I was fired from the party it is totally wrong.”

Adv Maupa said the campaign field had so far been fair and conducive for campaigns.

“So far so good, the playing field is level,” he said.

“We are carrying out our campaigns peacefully, violence free and we are poised for victory.”

If he wins, Adv Maupa said he intends to use his legal background to turn around the fortunes of the city.

“Even in my campaign I have been telling the electorate that I am like charcoal, once it turns on it burns for a long time,” he said.

“So, I intend to teach the electorate how to catch fish not to give them fish.

“I have a lot lined up for this city. There are things that I have been noticing where the incumbent has been lacking and these are the ones that I need to address.”

Zanu-PF provincial chairman Daniel Mackenzie announced on Tuesday that Adv Maupa was one of the four MPs who were fired from the party for standing as independent can- didates.

Adv Maupa will battle it out against Kandros Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Mr Masango Matambanadzo (NPF) and Mr Blessing Chebundo (MDC-Alliance), among others.



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