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Mnangagwa Farm Manager, Security Details Test Positive For COVID-19

President Mnangagwa’s Sherwood Farm manager and some of his security details have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, The NewsHawks reports.

This comes after President Mnangagwa reportedly changed his security detail after 20 soldiers from the Presidential Guard Brigade, reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 in October.

President Mnangagwa was reportedly forced to abandon his trip to Kwekwe after the diagnostics. A source reportedly told the publication that:

  1. 4 Soldiers from 2 Presidential Guards
  2. 10 Central Intelligence Organization (CIO)
  3. 7 police officers from the Police Protection Unit

all went for COVID-19 tests ahead of COVID-19 tests:

 The President’s security team underwent Covid-19 tests at the State House which involved inserting a six-inch-long swab into the nose (nasopharyngeal swab) for 15 seconds and rotating it several times.

It came as a shock when results came out. The President’s security team has been struck by the virus and thankfully most of them are asymptomatic at this stage.

A farm manager who is also related to the President also tested positive. His trip had to be abandoned.

Zimbabwe has gone through the pandemic’s worst week as over 3000 new cases were recorded in the last 7 days alone.