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Mnangagwa Extends Lockdown By Another Two Weeks

President Mnangagwa Relaxes Lockdown Regulations: Full Details

Mnangagwa Extends Lockdown By Another Two Weeks

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has extended the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown by a further two weeks.

In an address to the nation this Monday evening, the President said although coronavirus infections had gone down in the past two weeks, the number of deaths remained “worrisome”, hence the need to keep the measures in place. He said:

Since then the nation has made good progress in containing the third wave. The increase in new cases per day has gone down considerably in the past two weeks. This is a clear indication that the pandemic is under control.

Unfortunately the number of new cases and deaths per day remain unacceptably high. It is for this reason that the current Level 4 lockdown has to be extended by a further 2 weeks.

Mnangagwa also noted that several countries globally and regionally are starting to experience the fourth wave of infections, therefore, Zimbabweans should not become complacent. He said:

Several countries are beginning to experience the fourth wave, quite worrisome are the trends in countries close to us.

In most all of our neighbours’ infections have shown an upward trend, we, therefore, need to be vigilant now if not later of we are to avoid the fourth wave.

He implored citizens to get vaccinated indicating that there is no excuse to decide otherwise. Said the President:

Everyone eligible for vaccination ,must get vaccinated urgently. There is no good reason to delay, rather we should feel the urge to protect our families, neighbours and the nation.

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