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Mnangagwa Confronts Chiwenga Over Coup Plot

Zanu PF fires top member 'Musariri'

President Mnangagwa on Wednesday invited the Central Intelligence boss Isaac Moyo to a ZANU PF politburo meeting to expose members of the ruling party who were allegedly plotting to dislodge him from power while elevating his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

Moyo reported that the plot was being spearheaded by Politburo member Claveria Chizema and former Mbare MP and businessman Tendai Savanhu and had been commissioned by state security minister Owen Mudha Ncube.

Speaking to ZimLive, anonymous high-level sources said Moyo presented posters, allegedly seized from all ten provinces, which were denouncing Mnangagwa while indicating support for Chiwenga which were allegedly intended to be used at the planned anti-government protests on Friday. Sources said:

The plan appeared to send out a message to Chiwenga that we are watching you, but they were either too cowardly to confront him or their strategy was always to just try and unnerve him.

Moyo told the Politburo they had looked into Chiwenga and found him to be a most loyal cadre supportive of Mnangagwa’s leadership, effectively isolating Chizema and Savanhu.

The sources said Chizema was identified as the kingpin of the plot.

Recently, the Home Affairs Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, flanked by security sector bosses dismissed reports of a coup plot, threatening to take action against peddlers of such falsehoods.

Source | ZimLive

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