Home Politics “Mnangagwa And Mwonzora Need Each Other”

“Mnangagwa And Mwonzora Need Each Other”

Mwonzora Wary On Zanu PF’s Attempts To Capture Opposition Votes

“Mnangagwa And Mwonzora Need Each Other”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa desperately needs MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora for his power consolidation drive and 2023 presidential election bid to succeed as ZANU PF no longer commands a two-thirds majority in Parliament, reports The NewsHawks.

President Mnangagwa’s administration has been accomodating to the MDC-T, first during Thokozani Khupe’s time at the helm and now with Mwonzora leading the party.

Mwonzora supported Constitution Amendment (No.1) and whipped his senators to vote for Constitution Amendment (No.2) Bill, which gives Mnangagwa “imperial” powers.

Mwonzora claimed that MDC-T female senators voted for the Bill as they supported the extension of the women’s quota, but analysts are not convinced.

Mnangagwa’s alliance with Mwonzora also explains why the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has not called parliamentary and local government by-elections, triggered by recalls by Mwonzora.

ZANU PF does not have the crucial two-thirds majority because of deaths, and Mwonzora knows that after recalling several MDC Alliance legislators last year, it would be impractical for him to win any by-election.

As a result, ZANU PF needs Mwonzora to amend the Constitution and consolidate power while the latter needs the ruling party’s benevolence to remain politically relevant.

Source | The NewsHawks

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