Home LOCAL NEWS Mnangagwa Addresses The Nation, Blames sanctions, cyclones, droughts, COVID19 for economic woes

Mnangagwa Addresses The Nation, Blames sanctions, cyclones, droughts, COVID19 for economic woes

Mnangagwa Addresses The Nation, Blames sanctions, cyclones, droughts, COVID19 for economic woes

In an address this morning, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that since his inauguration, his administration has been under constant attack.

President Mnangagwa blamed among other things, the divisive politics of the opposition, sanctions, cyclones, successive droughts and now COVID19, and foreign economic aggression for the country’s economic woes.

Below are some of the highlights from the President’s short address to the nation courtesy of Newzwire.

  • “Although our progress has been slowed, our goal remains clear and stable. Forward ever.”
  • “To achieve the prosperity we deserve, let us all unite, working together towards a common goal and dealing with each other in honesty and love. We make no apologies for fixing our systems across the political and social spectrum”
  • “Accountability and transparency will keep on being enforced in every facet of society. These values are, after all, the DNA of the 2nd Republic and must permeate society”
  • “Our political reforms must by these twin concepts. We repealed and replaced POSA and AIPPA in the spirit of these ideals. The new legislation, MOPA, was created after much consultation.”
  • “My administration remains committed to enhancing cooperation with friends and partners in the international community as we entrench democracy and rule of law.”
  • “We will continue to strive to achieve the delicate balance between maintenance of peace and security on the one hand, and protecting civil liberties and individual rights on the other”
  • “In all circumstances, public officials and security services will carry out their duties with appropriate astuteness and resolve. The protection of the right to life is paramount, especially light of the COVID19 and machinations by destructive terrorist opposition groupings”
  • “Corruption at all levels must stop.”
  • “The dark forces both inside and outside our borders have tempered with our prosperity for too long. They’ve thrived on dividing us. Let us, as a people, heed the call for patriotism, hard work, accountability, love, unity and peace.”
  • We commend international financial partners, who continue to provide invaluable expertise in this regard. The development agenda we began is taking shape, leaving no one behind.
  • The levelling of the economic development playing field is ongoing, through our devolution police reforms.
  • The door to the old manner of doing things is shut. The corrupt way is closed. Let us therefore pledge, individually and collectively, to defend our country, to be productive, to grow our economy, and never to tear our motherland apart by dividing its people.
  • Let us, together, cultivate a society of hope and not despair, of inspiration not desperation, unity and peace and not disunity, love instead of hate.


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