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Mliswa Says Zimbabwe Facing Challenges Because Of Mugabe’s Missing Tsvimbo

Mliswa Says Zimbabwe Facing Challenges Because Of Mugabe’s Missing Tsvimbo

The Norton MP Temba Mliswa has announced saying Zimbabwe is facing many challenges because it is missing the late President Robert Mugabe’s sceptre.

Mliswa spoke at a time when a man sued Mugabe’s widow Grace Mugabe over his corpse as the court applicant demanded that he be reburied. It is understood that the applicant just wants to open the coffin and take away Mugabe’s staff.

The Mugabe family buried the late president at their rural home where it was subsequently compressed with hard concrete and a tamper proof seal.

Writing early Monday morning, Mliswa who has a long reputation for defending Mnangagwa since the days when the ZANU PF leader was dejected, said in full:

“In our culture the issue of tsvimbo& handing it down is very important. Much as there’s a lot of westernisation, our country is still very spiritual.

“So for as long as Spirit Mediums aren’t happy, as a country we’ll not get where we want to be. They feel they’ve been neglected.

“Spirit Mediums played a major role in the liberation of this country and yet lack the requisite recognition. We acknowledge the church during National prayer days, and thank them for occurrences like good rains, but not “masvikiro”, when will they too be thanked?

“As the 1st born boy in our family, when our father passed on, ndakapiwa tsvimbo; it’s an important aspect of our culture that can’t be ignored. .

“So if a father passes on and leaves their son tsvimbo, what’s more a country when a leader dies? Surely he should pass one on too?

“If we’re saying as a leader, tsvimbo hapana, then there’s something lacking and hence many of the challenges being faced today.”

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