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Mistress Forced To Leave Panties After Getting Caught With Another Woman’s Husband


Mistress Forced To Leave Panties After Getting Caught With Another Woman’s Husband

A young woman was forced to leave her panties after she was caught pants down with another woman’s husband.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a woman, only identified as Mai Tino, together with her friend went berserk after they caught Baba Tino in bed with his mistress.

Out of anger, the wife starts to assault her husband’s mistress who appears shocked to news that Baba Tino is married.

In an effort to defend herself from further assault, the woman can be heard pleading with Mai Tino to stop assaulting her, arguing that she never knew that Baba Tino is a married man .

As if beating her was not enough, before letting her go, Mai Tino and her friend pulled a shocker when they forced the woman to leave her panties so that they can use it in some rituals to make sure she will not sleep with other people’s husbands.

The video has been met with mixed feelings as some social media critics accused the two woman of assaulting the wrong person. They argue that the young woman was probably unaware of the fact that Baba Tino was married.

Here are some of the comments from social media;

Lol why do y’all fight the girl as if she was married to you.. that girl doesn’t owe u nothing. Deal with your husband 🤷🏾‍♂️

😂😂😂😂 man will embarrass you akomana😂. Tsvagai mari musaswere muchirwira zvisina basa


This was so wrong,,, why are we reducing ourselves as women to this extent?? Why embarrassing another woman like this because of unfaithful husband???? A grown up man with his 5 senses convinced this girl knowing he’s married but we always want shame another woman 🚮. You can’t teach a grown up man to love you. There are soooo many ways to fight for your marriage or relationship without embarrassing another woman!!

Lailah S Banda

But sometimes vakadzi we are stupid. Baba Tino was probably lying to that girl kuti he’s single. She is innocent. Why can’t Mai Tino direct her anger to Baba Tino he’s the player in this game kah. Women we need to be wise.


Murume ari weak uyu u can actually tell nxaaaa unenge wakanyepera munhu kut handina mkadzi so in situations like this u should defend her though.

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