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Missing US$5 Triggered Events Leading To Moreblessing Ali’s Murder

Police Granted Warrant To Hold Pius Jamba Further

Missing US$5 Triggered Events Leading To Moreblessing Ali’s Murder

Pias Mukandi, alias Jamba, killed the Citizens Coalition for Change activist Moreblessing Ali following a row over US$5 that he allegedly lost at a bar, a court heard on Saturday.

It has been established that Mukandi was not Ali’s ex-boyfriend, as previously claimed by police which is trying to refute any political motive for the killing.

Mukandi, 31, appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with Ali’s murder. He was remanded in custody to July 11 and advised to apply to the High Court for bail.

Tapuwanashe Zvidzai, for the National Prosecuting Authority, told the court that events leading to Ali’s abduction outside Chibhanguza bar in Nyatsime on May 24, and her subsequent murder, emanated from Mukandi misplacing US$5 before he accused patrons in the bar of stealing from him.

The court also heard that Ali had gone to the bar with her dog and a friend, Kirina Mariyoni, according to ZimLive.com.

The prosecution says while demanding his money back from the patrons, Mukandi became irritated by Ali’s dog and words were exchanged.

Moments later, Mariyoni emerged from the bar to find Ali on the ground with Mukandi standing over her.

Mukandi allegedly threw stones at the bar and hit Mariyoni on the chin with a catapulted stone forcing her to retreat back inside.

Zvidzai added that Mukandi then dragged Ali to an unknown place where he struck her “with an unknown instrument with the intention to cause her death.”

The alleged killer, who is a brother to the Nyatsime ZANU PF chairman Simba Chisango, finally strangled Ali with her own pair of trousers, the court heard.

Mukandi went away and returned with a knife which he used to cut Ali up into three pieces. He then allegedly took the body parts to Dunnotar Farm in Beatrice where he put them in a sack and threw them into a disused well at the home of his mother, Laina Mukandi.

It was Laina who discovered Ali’s remains on June 11 after her son went on the run.

Mukandi was arrested on June 16 in the Chidamoyo area of Hurungwe in Mashonaland West, his mother’s rural home. He was allegedly trying to sell a grinding mill with a plan to skip the country either to Mozambique or Zambia.

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