Miss V Candy replies to Sir Wicknell’s allegation

Miss V Candy replies to Sir Wicknell’s allegation.

In an interview with the local tabloid, H-Metro, V Candy said that she was disgusted by Chivayo’s comments which he made on social media.

Miss V Candy ZIMETRORadio personality Miss V Candy real name Nonhlanhla Thuthani, has come out guns blazing at businessman Wicknell Chivayo after he made sensational allegations that she was bedding Genius kadungure.

” Wicknell is a businessman and very much into social and entertainment circles. Is he trying to say that is what he does and those are hobbies, talking from experience I guess?

” He should not speak on behalf of some of us. Speak of yourself Wicknell. I found it very offensive, how does he join the bandwagon of naysayers. He may have his own personal differences with Ginimbi but to attack the whole women in the process is very chauvinisstic and s.e.xist, such a stereotypical statement is disgusting,” she said.

Sir Wicknell ChivayoThe outspoken businessman torched storm on social media after he made sensational claims that Miss V Candy was having an illicit s.e.xual affair with businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure.

This comes after rumours surfaced earlier this week that the radio personality Miss V Candy, was dating businessman Genius Kadungure, after she was captured on several occasions at the businessman’s Domboshava mansion wearing different outfits.


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