Keen Mushapaidze: Jah Prayzah is a comic character


Keen Mushapaidze: Jah Prayzah is a comic character.

In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mushapaidze said although Jah Prayzah was not into full-time comedy, he could be described as a comedian in light of his love for fun and jokes.

JAH PRAYZAH REVEALS DETAILS ON CEMETERY ATTACK, ‘I saw everything in a dream’Musician Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze has described the artiste as a “comedian”, as he hardly took to heart some of the vitriolic criticism he receives from people, but found fun in it.

“Jah Prayzah is naturally a comedian, but I really can’t say he is full-time into comedy. But naturally, he is a comic character and he treats some of the harsh comments on social media in a positive way, which is one of the reasons he has got to where he is right now,” Mushapaidze said.

The manager said it was natural for a top artiste or businessperson to attract negative criticism, but Jah Prayzah’s secret was in turning the negativities into positive energy.

“When you grow as an artiste or businessperson, you find a lot of people who want to pull you down when you do something great, but the moment you put some
positivity into any challenge that comes your way, you can turn it into something that benefits you,” he said.

Mushapaidze recalled how, in March this year, following the release of the musician’s Chikomo video, some fans posted a photoshopped picture of Jah Prayzah with his head placed on top of a bottle of Pfuko Maheu, with his arms on the sides and legs beneath the bottle.

When the picture made rounds on social media, Jah Prayzah responded by calling on Dairiboard Zimbabwe to send him some of their maheu so that he could enjoy
himself after his fans had made a mockery of his outfit using their product.

Mushapaidze said his wish was granted as Dairiboard invited the musician to get the drink. “That alone puts us in good relations with guys managing the Pfuko brand and also it was a discussion that led some who had not seen the video to search for that video and watch it,” he said.

In another instance in 2017, Jah Prayzah was forced to run for dear life at the burial of his former security chief, where relatives stoned him, accusing him of neglecting the deceased. The scene was re-enacted in Killer T’s song Hondo, featuring Jah Prayzah. They sing about the “war” at the graveyard in the song.



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