Misred’s stunning Africa day photoshoot


Misred’s stunning Africa day photoshoot.

On the 25th of May Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa to celebrate Africa Day a day set aside by all the 52 states of Africa to commemorate the good things Africa has achieved so far. So many of our celebrities joined us in celebrating the day and among them was Misred and she had a quite nice and stunning photoshoot. She had these words to say as she enjoyed the day:


We are ever evolving as Humans but has our African story been told adequately?? #HappyAfricaDay.


Someone said photoshop the stretch marks out and I said no……  #ConstructingNewNarratives


I think they didn’t deliver my audition tape for Black Panther lol! In another life I would still be African but maybe a warrior princess…. what would you be???


May your path lead you straight to your Divine appointment this week!