Misred’s Birthday bash in snaps


Misred’s Birthday bash in snaps.

Radio and TV personality Misred recently celebrated her 30th birthday by throwing a big party at Club connect. She had to do it in style, she first gave a speech in the day and later in the night that’s when all the happiness started. Here is what she had to say…

Ok so today I just thought I would share what I do for work outside of Radio…oh I also speak off radio for a living… Corporate MC | Host | Moderator | Public Speaking | soon to be dash dash dash.

A lot of people follow me but some don’t actually quite know what I do. So here is the summary. Misred is a Radio Presenter of @zifmstereozw on a show called. #TheRush which is the Drive-Time show with a gentleman by the name Massive Mandebvu aka @simbamudereri. She is also on a Television Show called #CokeOnTheBeat which airs on our national Television Station ZBCTV.

She is also a producer/ content creator. She recently dabbled in some acting in a music video by one @jahprayzah, not sure if you guys know him 😜. Apart from conventional media she is also a digital media personality who creates online visual content….. any questions so far?? CHECK THE PICTURES OF THE BIRTHDAY BASH, CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE HOT SNAPS…


Misred Zimetro