Misred & Buffalo Souljah dives give their views on Tinashe’s nationality debate.

Popular American musician Tinashe whose father is from Zimbabwe has said that she’s proud of her Zimbabwean roots. Tinashe came under attack on Twitter on the 19th of April when, after she had been asked if she is from Zimbabwe, she responded, “may dad is.”

Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe

Some Zimbabweans on the social media platform took that to mean she didn’t want to be associated with the country and attacked her for it. One Twitter user said, “Justified you have never been to Zimbabwe but don’t be ashamed of your Zimbabwean roots.”ZIM CELEBRITIES WHO KEEP THEIR RELATIONSHIPS/MARRIAGE LIFE PRIVATE

However other Zim celebrities have joined in the debate and here is Misred had to say about the whole issue.

Misred statement

Tinashe, however, responded that she is actually proud of her Zim roots:

Buffalo Souljah also had this to say:

Buffalo Souljah statement ZIMETRO


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